Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby 2.0: A seasoned daddy’s perspective

In about four weeks or so, my wife of 16 years will give birth, God-willing, to our second son. Our first son is in the 4th grade and is a sweaty, active kid who loves sports, playing Wii, and watching Seinfeld re-runs (go figure). I’m not new at this daddy-thing. I feel like I’ve got things covered.

Truthfully, I’m not even nervous. Ten years ago, I was crazy with fear thinking, “How could anyone trust me to care for a kid?” Now, not so much.

What’s made the difference this time around? I think it’s the fact that we realize that new parents tend to overbuy for baby. Think about it. We buy wipe warmers, boppies and diaper genies, and we make sure our classic Pooh mobile matches the sheets and the pad thingy that runs around the inside perimeter of the crib. Seriously, how much of what we buy for baby is really necessary? How did babies survive for 10,000 years without all this stuff?

This time around we’ve decided to simplify a bit. We didn’t go all crazy with the nursery. Our first child had a mural on his wall, for crying out loud. We’ve got a crib, a rocker and some of my first son’s leftover toys. You know what? I don’t think the newbie will even notice that he’s missing the mural or that his plush toys have a few stains.

As a seasoned daddy veteran, what we’ve decided to do with kid 2.0 is take pictures and share them. Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist with the first one. What’s better for our family out of town than sharing the big announcement? So we’re going to share more pics. We’re going to print his grinning face (even if it’s just gas-induced) on magnetic birth announcements with the family all around and send them to our loved ones who can’t be there at the hospital with us.

We’re going to take advantage of today’s information age with instant online updates (PUSH, HON! PUSH!) and we’re sticking with the more traditional printed baby announcements too. Frankly, I still have some year-old magnetic announcements on my fridge today from some of my best friends. When I walk by their baby pictures, I smile.

Hopefully, if all goes well, two things will happen. First, my kid won’t come out looking like an alien baby (really, that’s more of a pipe-dream). Second, when we send his pictures out to my family in New York and Mississippi and Texas and Maryland, they’ll put his grinning mug on their fridge and smile too.

~ By Ben Fineburg

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