Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Expecting a boy, hoping for healthy

Here’s the deal. My wife is about to pop any minute now – seriously, maybe before I finish this post. She’s beginning to nest, and yesterday she asked me if I had the baby announcements designed yet. I was afraid to remind her that the baby wasn’t even fully designed yet. According to www.babycenter.com, at 37 weeks, she’s already considered full term. Pretty soon, I’ll proudly announce to the world, “It’s a boy!” Or, in case our ultrasound tech was off her game four months ago, I’ll surprisingly proclaim, “It’s a girl!”

Like most parents-to-be in our position, we don’t really care what flavor baby we have. We just want a healthy baby.
Everyone is required by law to say that. Truth be told, however, I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl if we were to be surprised with one. Every little girl who’s ever lived in our neighborhood has totally wrapped me around her precious little fingers. My neighbors, for crying out loud! What sway would my own daughter have over me, when my own flesh and blood looked up at me and batted her eyes? So it’s a good thing we’re expecting our second baby boy.

I’m experienced teaching a boy to play ball and dig around in the dirt and chase frogs and use power tools. I’m reminded by the women in my office that girls can also do those sorts of things. Of course they can. I know that.
Everybody knows that. But the question that nags at my subconscious is, “How would I do at teaching my daughter such boyish stuff?” And what if she wanted to play dress up? What would I do?

Not to mention appropriate discipline. My wonderful wife reminds me every so often that I’m not the most empathetic person in the world. How would I handle my daughter’s bad hair day in the rush to get out of the house in the morning after she’s already delayed us by swapping outfits seven times? Would I snap and yell, grab her by the (bad) hair of her head, or would I appropriately discipline? I’ve seen other fathers do a wonderful job raising their daughters. It must be possible. It just seems so hard from my vantage point.

So as any good husband who’s also the creative director of a photo card company and marketing firm, I actually have completed the new design for the magnetic, photo birth announcements. They’re blue. Big shocker, right? I just hope that’s the only shock we have over the next few days.

~ By Ben Fineburg


  1. Ben, I so enjoyed reading this. Let me know when the precious bundle arrives. See you Thursday!!!
    Love you..

  2. I believe the biggest surprise you would have if a strawberry shows up, is that you would be an awesome Dad to a little angel! And IF you had questions, I know a roomful of ladies ready to give free advice!

  3. Will need that good advice no matter what flavor baby arrives.