Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tips for photographing your newborn

As a repeat daddy-to-be, I've put together some helpful tips to prepare for one of the most important parts of the big event: taking pictures of the little one. With all due respect to my wife, I expect delivery to go as well as the first one. So, I’ve got my camera ready to capture the shots for the all-important photo birth announcements.
  1. The best time to shoot the photograph is after the newborn has been fed and put down for a nap. The shutter sound shouldn’t bother baby, and you’ll be able to gently position the head, hands and feet for the right pose.
  2. Whatever you do, don’t flash! The flash may ruin the composition, but more importantly, it may disturb the baby, and you’ll be too busy bouncing and shushing to get your shot. Then you’ll be too tired and have to put it off until you: a) get a nap, and b) drink a double-shot espresso.
  3. Diffuse the light on a bright day with a white sheet or curtain.
  4. Using a wider aperture will allow you to shoot in lower light.
  5. If you want to accentuate the tiny features, juxtapose baby’s hands next to mom’s or dad’s hands. Let the composition show comparison and just how tiny and delicate baby really is.
  6. Black and white baby shots are both dramatic and sweet. There are good color shots you can get, but black and white photography is safer for newborns, especially for a relatively new photographer.
  7. Focus on a single feature and blur the background. Try this with face and later hands and even feet for a creative touch.
  8. Spend a few moments getting rid of bottles and boppies and use blankets and soft toys for a nice texture.
Remember to find a birth announcement that complements and accentuates your photography. Adding a magnetic back is an easy, added touch that makes your baby announcement easy to display, right on the fridge. Check out www.CrinkledNose.com for our growing selection.

~ By Ben Fineburg

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