Monday, June 20, 2011

Graduation Announcements Made Easy

My son's school planned to purchase graduation announcements from the same vendor they'd used for previous classes. The previous vendor gave the school a higher bid than last year and required they send the order in sooner than expected.  

What? In this economy?

Being somewhat connected to (okay, I own it), I asked for a custom announcement, which the elves took delight in whipping up. I sent samples to the school that they could touch, see and feel. Soon after, we heard from the person in charge at the school. "WOW – thanks! Those are awesome!" read her email message. The school then sent notice to the parents of all seniors, and the orders started rolling in.

By the time graduation rolled around, most of the seniors had ordered their announcements from, and the school even asked us to produce graduation programs for the actual event.

True story. Better, less expensive, and custom. The elves did well!

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