Thursday, July 28, 2011

Christmas in July – Who Knew?

We’re getting started on the Christmas season early. Sure, we make it look easy, but designing’s photo Christmas cards is harder than you might think. Stuff this good takes time.

That’s why in July, when most people are wondering what kind of hot it’ll be that day, or which beach to go to on the weekend, here at, I’m thinking about snowmen and candy canes, with the intent to craft some photo cards featuring children’s artwork.

Here’s the thing. To have been drawn by six-year-olds, these pieces of art are amazing. However, having studied general design principles for the last five years, and having a reasonable understanding of good design, I find it very difficult to lay out a children’s Christmas photo card using a purple wreath and blue candy canes. My instincts are screaming in my ear, No, No! But it’s not my understanding of proper holiday colors that matters here; it’s the touching drawings of these kids.

I never would’ve thought a great thing like Christmas could be so difficult to conceptualize graphically, which gets me a little frustrated. But it’s simply because my brain is divided, split between my instinctual self and my jolly Christmas spirit. It’s just a learning curve. I
m 24. Before this month, I had no idea that Christmas in July even existed.

Finally, Christmas in July has impacted me directly by forcing me to ignore my aesthetic instincts, but I put on my elf hat and get into the Christmas spirit. . . well, as much as possible while wearing a red felt cap in 100-degree heat.

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