Thursday, August 11, 2011

Designing Woman: All Grown Up in a Purple Cubicle

Sitting here toward the end of my third week at, I’m settling into a new phase of life. I’ve graduated from college, gotten a new job in my field (hooray!) and am hereby dubbed “grown up.” I can't help but sit and wonder, “How did this happen?”

Wasn’t it only yesterday, when (instead of paying attention) I was doodling in high school chemistry and worrying about the new bell schedule? If only my poor teacher could see me now, actually putting those doodling skills to good use, designing photo cards and invitations. I hope it would fulfill her somehow.

The one thing I’ll miss most about school days is summer vacation, and the joy of sleeping in, every day of the week. Now and forevermore my alarm clock will be set for 6:00 a.m., Monday through Friday – no sleep mode allowed! And instead of hitting the beach and enjoying the sun, sand, and ocean breeze, I’ll spend my August sitting in a purple cubicle, making photo Christmas cards. The first day of school is now a mere traffic annoyance, and my bedtime is (nearly) as early as a senior citizen’s.

However, I must say this new routine does have its charms. Being paid for your work, for example, is one nice perk. The lack of “homework” (so far) has also been a nice change. The photo birthday card I started working on yesterday will be there, patiently waiting for me to finish (and for someone to buy!) tomorrow. Another plus is that, unlike my college design projects, the photo announcements and photo birthday invitations I design today will be out there in the real world in real time, and might even find their way to people’s refrigerators or photo albums the very same week. What a thought! Someone will see – and purchase – my work?! Wow.

This new territory called “adulthood” is a balancing act that takes place around “clocking in” and “clocking out.” Clocking in means responsibility, channeled creativity, and photo cards. Clocking out means rest, relationships, and youthful spontaneity (at least for now). I’ve got my balance; let’s do this!

And when I miss the ocean, I’ll design a beach-themed party invitation instead of breaking out the sunblock.


  1. Youth is something very new: twenty years ago no one mentioned it.
    Coco Chanel (1883 - 1971)

  2. Well my youth seems a very long time ago now but of course it's all really just a measurement of time. The one thing I would do though, if I could go back, is spend more time at the beach!! or up the mountain, or the lake.... whatever takes me outdoors into the sunshine. Don't deprive yourself of too much sunshine - it'll keep you young through Vit D, especially if you practice good sunscreen habits.

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