Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Driving creativity to paper – and to the mailboxes of those you love

We created CrinkledNose with the desire to drive creative thinking to paper. These days, as electronic communication has become the norm, there’s a lot less printed material than there used to be. But come Christmas time, the greeting card still reigns. While I no longer take the daily paper, I do still enjoy receiving a holiday card from a friend.

Most of the time, though, my mailbox just contains reminders of all the things I can buy at discounted prices, or bills I’ve incurred and must return promptly with my payment.

Keeping up on Facebook is fun, and it’s an easy way to connect with the kids, family and old friends, and opens a clean channel for community. Still, it requires nominal investment to comment, or “Likes” for this or that, and often tugs us to remember birthdays of friends we otherwise might not know. Makes me wonder, what does it really mean if we send automatic “Happy Birthday” wishes, without actually acknowledging the person directly? Or send out birthday party invitations en masse, with no more thought than which friends' boxes to click on for the invite? I mean, it's "community" that's easy to manage, but is it held together by caring, or convenience?

I pine for the card in the mail, because it takes time and investment from someone you hold dear. When you receive a card from someone, you know they were thinking of you, and made a point to let you know it – an investment beyond whim or passing electronic blip. I like that… actually, I love that. takes advantage of the ease of technology, while providing a thoughtful, simple means of sending greetings that are indeed extra special. Our custom photo cards aren’t just special because they’re printed on paper and come in the mail – they’re special because, with your photo and message you create, they capture your own personal touch.

By design, these personalized art forms should find their way to the mailboxes of family friends or relatives after a small bit of effort. They’re definitely worth the time to send, and magnetic photo cards make great keepsakes for folks you don’t get to see often. This is why I’m proud of what we have thoughtfully made for you consideration. Thanks for stopping by!

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