Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Magnet Carta: My irresistible attraction to photo magnets

I’ve heard, third- or fourth-hand, so it should be reliable, that a typical magnet will stay on a person’s refrigerator about seven years. About the same as indentured servitude. Of course, there’s no rule that the magnets have to vacate their post after those seven years are up; some of them hang on for much longer. The other day, I found a football calendar from 1997 posted on my fridge. It was right next to the cut-out, magnetically framed snapshot of a guy a dated nine years ago. Yikes. Time to do some fridge cleaning, and I’m not just talking about the inside. (Please, let’s not talk about the inside.)

For the thousandth time I make a mental note to cull through the old magnets, as I simultaneously forget all about them, opening the refrigerator door in pursuit of better things, like snacks.

One day, I think, maybe the magnets will just take over the fridge – like eminent domain. I mean, with the magnetude on there right now, there’s not a lot of real estate left. But the cool thing is, apart from the football schedules and insurance agents’ calendars, most of my magnets are things I’d really like to keep. Inside some of those (slightly cheesy) die-cut magnetic frames, I’ve got photos of my mom, my son’s Cub Scout troop, and our first pet. I’ve got souvenir magnets from places we’ve traveled – Detroit, Alaska, Liverpool – and the Easter photo frame my son made out of popsicle sticks in the second grade.

Rather than cluttered, I like to think of myself. . . as a Magnet Magnate. We run the gamut of magnets at my house, so I think I deserve the title. Plus, working for, it’s now part of my business – creating magnetic photo cards.

It’s fair to say, my magnets have gotten much better since I signed on with Crinkled. While all are decorative, my magnets have also turned toward the pragmatic, or – what I like to call – the pragmagnet. Baby shower invitations and wedding save-the-dates are much easier to keep up with when they’re slapped on front of a door you open 12-15 times a day. They’re also very classy this way, always with a pretty photo or cool graphic that makes me want to look at them. Just how long I’ll keep them up past the date remains to be seen. Ask me in another decade.

Old magnets never die. They just come to stay. But with all the great magnetic photo cards I’ve got up on my fridge these days, I think it’s just magnetficent.


  1. you could keep the old ones in a huge pile that you better not get your credit cards close to..


  2. it would always point north, too


  3. next time you come to my house Jean check out the fridge ... my doors have always been covered in love notes and colored pics from the girls photots my friend sends of her daughter each Christmas i promise you i have Kindred from birth to six from one side to the other scattered with snapshots of my girls .... yep love the fridge magnets

  4. Larry, that's an idea. Don't worry, though, I always keep my credit cards close to my piles of money, NOT my piles of magnets..

    Kristie, yes I can picture this! We can hook you up with some awesome cards of the girls this year for the holidays! Then I can have some pics of them too. :)