Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The New, The AmaZing, Z-Folded Cards

When we started, we only had a small stock(ing) of Christmas cards. Over the next few years we branched out, adding birth announcements, wedding invitations, moving cards, personalized note pads, graduation announcements and party invitations. Still, every card was either two-panel, or flat out flat. All very pretty, but alas, a little 2-D for me.

But then, in the fall of 2011, we brought in another D, the mac daddy of the holiday card world: the Z-Fold announcement card.

I was going to write this blog about a woman who was saved from a burning building by a Z-Fold card; however, this didn’t actually happen. Instead, I shall talk about the real heroics of a Z-Fold card: it’s bigger than other cards. It’s got three panels, so it can stand up on its own. It fits nicely into an envelope, and can even fold out flat for a keepsake worth framing.

Yes, Z might come last in the alphabet, but in the folding community, it’s at the top of the heap! Because the Z-Fold cards have three panels, there’s more room for photos and personalization. They also make a ready, stand-up (or stand-out) display for your birth announcements, wedding invitations and holiday cards.

Now that’s what I’m crinkling about!

Ain’t nothing crinkling like the leaves on a tree – and the panels on a folded up Z... card.

Check it out: Jean-Z, my new rap name. :)



  1. Jean - You made my day! Now I cant stop daydreamin' about the day when I can tell people "Look! My rapper friend Jean is on MTV!" We were both born for stardom :D Oh and isn't October Baby supposed to come out next month? We have to go watch ourselves on the big screen! Awesome SAUCE!

  2. Thanks, MarBar! You brightened my day! I need to check on our major motion picture debut. I'm excited about being famous. Yes, that is Awesome Sauce!

    ~ Jean-Z :)