Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crinkled Christmas Coffees ~ Share a Cup of Cheer!

I’ve always enjoyed a good cup of joe. So much, in fact, it’s earned me a variety of nicknames and commentary over the years. That’s the great thing about having the name “Jean.” Yeah, it’s totally old-lady, but it also rhymes with “coffee bean,” “coffee queen,” and “coffee machine.” Old-lady or not, it’s pretty convenient.

I’m not a snob about my coffee, but I am serious about it. I drink it black, just like my mom, as I have since my teen years. See? “Jean the Coffee Bean Teen Queen.” Baby, I was born to brew.

At my last job I inherited a half-gallon coffee jug. It saved me a lot of trips up and down the stairs, though it was a cumbersome way to support my habit.

When I first started to work here, our PR director taped this picture to my inbox: it was me, drowning in a giant cup of coffee, only my arm reaching out above the black, swirling mass. Probably not the worst way to go, really.

You can understand why I’m so excited about Christmas this year at CrinkledNose. For the first time ever, we’re selling personalized coffees, with the help of award-winning O'Henry's Coffee Roasting Company! Made from micro-roasted Arabica beans, our coffees are festive, tasty, and even better with your smiling face right there on the bag. It’s a cool spin on our personalized holiday greeting lineup, bringing a warm welcome and roasty good morning to your loved ones every time they Crinkle up a cup.
We’ve even got matching holiday photo card designs to accompany your robust gift. Available in quantities of four or more, regular or decaffeinated, House or Christmas Blend, we’re calling our personalized coffees the best gift brewing.

Our personalized coffees make me feel good, not only because of the caffeine, but because they’re such an easy, economical gift. Every year I give coffee with my Christmas gifts, but this year we can really Crink it up. We’ll break out the Santa hats for the pets, and all pose for an attractive family Christmas photo my folks can enjoy as long as the coffee bag holds coffee.

At, we’ve got coffee so good, it’d put a smile on Ebenezer Scrooge’s face. I can’t say I’ve ever had my picture on a coffee bag before, but it’s a real perk! I think I’ll have a cup or few to brighten my day, and my whole holiday season. I’m crunk on Crink!

P.S. ~ I've also heard Santa likes our coffee better than warm milk.

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