Wednesday, December 21, 2011

That's a Wrap! Magnetic photo calendars make great gift packages for 2012

A magnetic photo calendar is a great gift to give friends and family. It serves as a yearly reminder of the tons of things we have to do during the year, and features the ones we care about most our family, friends and/or pets.

A magnetic, at-a-glance photo calendar is truly handy, so make it extra special by embellishing it with a pretty design and a photo. Voila! It becomes a special adornment for the fridge.

'But it's so flat! How can I give that as a gift?' you might ask. For a gift that has so much meaning, you don't need to let it get swallowed up in uninteresting packaging. As they say in the biz, it's all in the presentation. Here's the question: how can you make this very ordinary-looking gift stand out in a sea of other presents?

I will tell you the best way to give a magnetic photo calendar as a gift. I've come up with a creative way to wrap these awesome magnetic photo calendars to give to those we hold dear.

Wrap your calendar like a piece of candy how cute! All you need is an empty toilet paper roll, light-colored tissue paper, clear wrap with a festive message on it, tape, ribbon and, of course, the magnetic photo calendar.

First roll the calendar up with the print facing the outside, and the magnet facing inside the roll. This will ensure that once the gift is unwrapped, the calendar will still stick to the fridge without having to be flattened out. Stick the rolled calendar inside the toilet paper roll. The toilet paper roll keeps the calendar from unrolling while you wrap it, and gives the flat calendar a three-dimensional shape.

To add the tissue wrapping, take the tissue paper and fold it into a triangle-like shape, then begin to roll the toilet paper roll/calendar contraption from the flat side of the triangle to the tip. Tape the tip to the finished roll so it stays wrapped. Then you'll want to take the clear wrap with the festive message, cut it to 12" x 18", and wrap it around the tissue/calendar wrap, starting at the corner so the ends will be at an angle, not just straight. Tip: when you wrap the clear wrap, make sure the message can be read once the package is all wrapped up.

Take your ribbon, any kind that will accent the tissue colors you chose, and wrap each end in a festive bow with tightly wound curly cues. Attach a tag to the ribbon. Your flat magnetic calendar is now a beautiful present nay, a gift presentation ready for delightful unwrapping.

Magnetic photo calendars are fabulous gifts to give, so be sure to add the extra special touch by wrapping it in an unforgettable package.


  1. What a great idea! Love it!

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