Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Considering our losses, counting our blessings after this week's devastating tornadoes

I awoke Monday morning, the first time, about 4. My neighbor across the street called to check on us after the nastiness was over. The funnel cloud that ripped through our corner of the state had passed, along with two of its evil friends.

They didn't hit our neighbor's house, or ours. We didn't have any damage at all actually, save the absence of power for a few hours.

Others were not so fortunate. Right up the road, our head production designer saw half of his neighborhood destroyed. Six hundred children lost their school. Two lost their lives.

Weather reports say tornadoes typically start the second week of January. So in that sense we in Alabama were right on schedule.

What we can't predict with any certainty, however, is the random, merciless path a tornado will take. A house untouched stands beside a house demolished. But injured or whole, none of us remains untouched after a narrow escape from a twister's grip. There's no way a tornado can pass so closely by without reminding us with alarming clarity how vaporous this life really is.

When I think about the raving disaster just a few miles away, I think of the amazing grace that keeps us here, and the hope we find in rebuilding. Clearing the rubble, housing our friends or sending donations, we're helping our neighbors. The terror that rages by night is ultimately vanquished by the brightness of another day's glory. And the triumph of enduring conquers yesterday's defeats.

Today at CrinkledNose our network is still down, and production is limping along, but we're eminently thankful to be here making special occasion photo cards for another day. Being here is glorious, and life alone is worth celebrating. Holidays, weddings, graduations – those days are the gravy.

We at wish many more of these special days for us all.

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