Friday, March 30, 2012

Create-your-own note cards make artistic greetings

We get some mighty clever orders here at CrinkledNose. From birth announcements and birthday invitations to holiday photo cards and photo calendars, we provide a unique outlet for folks to craft their own special occasion inventions.

Our boss, wacky with BBQ
Our customers are a diverse group, hailing from the farthest and widest parts, and among their orders we’ve seen creativity at its finest. Lovely family photos adorn some of the sweetest personalized greetings, dripping with sentiment so sweet, confectioners can’t touch ‘em.

I must say, our Crinkled wares are delightfully original. It’s a great day when we get a personalized coffee order with a cleverly composed limerick, or a New Year’s card with an out-there, wacky photo.

Just like in every checkout line in America, we’ve seen a few things that made us cringe a little too. These cards are usually built around photos of poorly lit, hapless-looking subjects who look like they just woke up.

But that’s okay. We kinda love those too.

Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Had Picasso known about CrinkledNose, he could’ve referred the creatively budding – and bloomed – to us.
Because all of our products are personalized, kids and adults really get to show off their artwork, using a medium that’s not only attractive, but functional. Of all our customized goods, our note cards are probably the most versatile. Everybody needs a set of handy, any-occasion note cards to pen an occasional thank you, thinking-about-you, or stop-being-sick greeting.

With your own painting, stunning photo, or child’s watercolor, you can create one-of-a-kind note cards to share all these special messages and more with your family and friends.

Nature paints a pretty backdrop for a photo card
Most of us will never present our work in a major gallery. But by creating your own personalized note cards, you can happily distribute your masterpiece, as well as your well wishes, to the mailboxes of those you love.

When it comes to creative expression, true “art” doesn’t just belong to the world’s greatest painters – it lies in the imagination of the eager, the heart of the sincere, and the eye of the proud parent. Your pièce de résistance – or toddler’s finger-painting – should be shared with the people most important to you, as many as possible, and the easiest way to display your fine work is inside a pretty envelope with a postage stamp on the front.

Besides, museums are a tad stuffy anyway, and card stock is cheaper than canvas.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring break: Sometimes pollen ain't so bad

My son has had terrible allergies, the seasonal kind, ever since he was in first grade the first time. Every year he’s had one long, miserable month of itchy eyes, scratchy throat, and the stubbornly stuffy nose that somehow manages to run constantly while simultaneously hindering any air from going through it.

But this year it’s gonna be different. He’s 17, it’s the first week of spring, and pollen hasn’t bullied him around at all. It’s had too much competition.

Last week it was the car accident.

He’s at the age now where the kids are old enough to drive, but not likely to make a bunch of good decisions. So it happens that seven teenagers crammed, two to a seat, into a two-door ’93 Thunderbird. The last year, by the way, the T’bird was produced without any airbags.

Spring break hadn’t quite started yet – there was still Friday to go – but it kicked in a little early for the kids in the car when they plowed into an SUV. The injuries ranged from moderate to serious, with concussions all around. Nobody remembered what happened ~ just that they were trying to hit the “fun bump” at full speed. . . the reason, they explained, for going a full 50 miles an hour over the speed limit.


It’s divine intervention that all the kids survived, and the adults were okay too. Coming into this week a little sore and scabbed over, Monday was a pretty good day.

Tuesday came the Chow.

My son was visiting some friends, watching a movie, taking it easy from the concussion. Low-impact recreation. But one of the kids jostled him, and that was all it took to convince “Buddy” there was a scuffle afoot. With 400 pounds of bite per square inch, that evil canine chowed down on my son’s arm, coating it in vicious teeth marks.

Another trip to the ER, another x-ray, another set of bandages. Bless his heart.

My son just wants to get better, and to enjoy his spring break without being attacked by a crazed pet or somebody’s dashboard. I’m trying to keep it all together, to make sure I file the right papers with the right people, to match the right form with the right injury.

But most of all, to take good care of my boy.

He’s called this “the worst spring break ever,” but it hasn’t been all bad. We’ve had a lot of pizza, we got to watch cable TV in the hospital, and we’ve gotten some big hugs from people who just wanted to tell us they cared.

It’s been an emotional week. I’m tired, but so grateful to have my child. The copays don’t matter. Spring break is temporary. Summer’s coming ~ there’ll be plenty of barbecues, birthday parties, and fun on the beach.

Sometimes life’s most trying moments just serve to remind us how good it is to just be together. Looking back on the events of this week, I am humbled with thanksgiving. I look forward to celebrating another day. Coming home, being with family. That’s the best holiday.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Years of Education pay off BIG with
FREE Photo Graduation Announcements!

This day has been coming for a dozen years.  Or in some cases, a baker’s dozen.  Twelve years of buses, field trips, PTA, and school lunches.  For your graduate, the years toward independence haven’t come fast enough; for you, they’ve sprinted.

But take heart, proud parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents of graduates-to-be!  We have some salve for your wounds. 

Now through the end of March, we’re offering 10 FREE PHOTO GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS, just for participating in our Graduation Giveaway!

How do you enter our Giveaway?

That’s a smart question!  We can teach you in a few easy steps.

Simply study our selection of photo graduation invitations, take careful notes (not really), choose the design you’d like to win, and do ONE of the following:

1.  Post your graduation announcement design of choice on our Facebook page;
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Next, just shoot us a quick email telling us where you posted your comment.  We'll send you a Special Discount Code, along with simple instructions telling you how to redeem your prize. 

** Remember!  You must email us regarding your comment so we’ll know how to contact you.  **

It's that easy to get 10 FREE photo graduation cards for your star graduate – much easier than all those late hours you put in helping them cram for finals.

Congrad-ulations on winning from!  (Now how’s that for some schoolin’?)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FREE Magnetic Photo Calendar Giveaway!

A calendar holds at least 365 wonderful reasons to celebrate.  And today, in addition to Oreo’s 100th birthday, we give you yet another:  Five FREE personalized magnetic photo calendars to the first 10 people who post a qualifying response to this blog!

What is a qualifying response?

Simply visit our site here, peruse our stellar selection of Photo Calendars, and post a comment to this article telling us your favorite design (i.e. the qualifying response).  Then shoot us a quick email and let us know you posted a comment. The first TEN qualifying responses to this blog will win FIVE 2012 magnetic photo calendars.  Enter through the end of this week.

Magnetic photo calendars are a great way to keep up with the year at hand.  Stretched out before you in contemporary styling are 52 sets of bustling work weeks and fun-filled weekends.  Just one glance helps you plan your projects and outings.  And gazing at lovely photos of yourself, your family or even a favorite pet make it all that much better.

Scheduling appointments never felt so good as it does with a CrinkledNose magnetic photo calendar.  Photo calendars are handy dandy for your desk, fabulous on the fridge, and grand as gifts for the family members toughest to buy for.
The best part of this week’s offer is getting FIVE FREE MAGNETIC CALENDARS for winning our CrinkledNose giveaway. 

May the best Crinkler win!