Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Years of Education pay off BIG with
FREE Photo Graduation Announcements!

This day has been coming for a dozen years.  Or in some cases, a baker’s dozen.  Twelve years of buses, field trips, PTA, and school lunches.  For your graduate, the years toward independence haven’t come fast enough; for you, they’ve sprinted.

But take heart, proud parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents of graduates-to-be!  We have some salve for your wounds. 

Now through the end of March, we’re offering 10 FREE PHOTO GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS, just for participating in our Graduation Giveaway!

How do you enter our Giveaway?

That’s a smart question!  We can teach you in a few easy steps.

Simply study our selection of photo graduation invitations, take careful notes (not really), choose the design you’d like to win, and do ONE of the following:

1.  Post your graduation announcement design of choice on our Facebook page;
2.  Mention us on Twitter – @CrinkledNose – along with your graduation announcement design of choice;
3.  Post a comment revealing your graduation announcement design of choice below, right here on our blog.

Next, just shoot us a quick email telling us where you posted your comment.  We'll send you a Special Discount Code, along with simple instructions telling you how to redeem your prize. 

** Remember!  You must email us regarding your comment so we’ll know how to contact you.  **

It's that easy to get 10 FREE photo graduation cards for your star graduate – much easier than all those late hours you put in helping them cram for finals.

Congrad-ulations on winning from!  (Now how’s that for some schoolin’?)

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