Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby's first birthday! Keep icing on the cake please

'Excuse me, what is this blue stuff?'
Almost a year ago I was blogging about the recent birth of my son. Back then, I was a new dad for the second time in 10 years, sleep deprived and groggy. Today, my younger son is a year old, having just celebrated his first birthday on Easter Sunday.

For his first birthday party we came together for a small affair with just my wife’s family and an unfortunate pig. We enjoyed a honey-baked ham and potato salad with typical Southern trimmings – while little Simon had some sort of smashed-up green veggies and yogurt. Mmmmm.

All done with our meals, it was time for the cake.

Son #1's motto: tear into it like Christmas morning
Now, here’s a little history for you. A decade ago, for our first kid’s first birthday party, our local grocery store gave us a free “smash cake” with the purchase of a full-size birthday cake. Micah dug into that sweetness as if his life and happiness depended on it.

When he was finished, he was all smiles, with the blue and red icing smeared across his face. He looked like a tiny Hannibal Lecter in training.

What my wife and I have noticed – and it was apparent very early on – is that our second child is polar opposite from our first child on the personality spectrum. Number one is loud and squirmy; this one is still and quiet (relatively speaking). While the older one jumps in head-first, our new one likes to test the water with his toes.

In this case, the little one tested the frosting. It was sticky, and he didn’t like it.

As you can see from our pics, we’d learned our lesson the first time around, and stripped Simon down to his Huggies for the big event. Turns out, he could have worn his Easter Sunday best.

'Okay, why am I naked?'
One touch of the icing on his finger and he knew this was something he didn’t want any part of. If we wanted to put some of that cake in his mouth, he wasn’t going to object, but he wasn’t going to get it there on his own.

So I have about five minutes of video of my one-year-old, in his birthday suit, in a staring contest with his cake. While this will be a memory we’ll cherish, the video is almost certain not to make the cut on AFV.

I love being a dad, playing ball, giving whisker kisses, wrestling and laughing – sometimes with the kids – but in this case laughing at my new one-year-old, who couldn’t be any less like my 11-year old if he tried. They’re both great kids, and I’m learning the best way to be their dad one day at a time.

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  1. Baby's first birthday!! Sounds like a fun time in the family. When our son turned one, we had a lot of stir in the family. Everyone was going gaga with the DIY party ideas and I picked rainbow theme. Hosted a grand family bash at one of the outdoor LA venues.