Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Value of Mom

This upcoming Sunday is Mother’s Day, making it the perfect time to celebrate the best gift that life has to offer – a loving mother! There’s no way to fully define the actual value of mom, but we think it’s important to recognize those angels in disguise. You know, the cleat finding, uniform-washing, carpool-driving, picture taking, always cheering kind of angel! From the moment we arrive in this world, a mother takes on a whole new kind of full-time job – and sometimes, whether it’s Mother’s Day or not, they deserve a show of appreciation (or maybe even a break from reality at the nearest salon or spa – hint-hint).

At, we have a special place in our hearts for all the hard-working, unconditional-loving Mothers who have spent the time, energy and tears to raise us in this world. We know that every mom is different in the eyes of their children, and we strive to show each and every #CrinkMom just how important they are to us as well. Since the start of in 2008, moms have been our biggest supporters, making it possible to reach thousands across America with our products in hopes that we can make someone, especially mom, smile!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’d love it if you share your pictures or memories of your mom and tell us why she’s so special to you! Enjoy 30% OFF at using the code “MomRocks” now through Mother’s Day!